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Biometabolic AnalysisTM

Advanced Scientific Technology in Clinical Nutrition

Everyone can Benefit from Biometabolic AnalysisTM
  • Improved Energy, Endurance, and Performance
  • Prevent Stroke & Heart Attack
  • Prevent Migraine
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Stress
  • Lose Weight
  • After suffering from migraine headaches for 40 years and not finding relief from any medication, Dr. allocca, a medical research scientist, started on a quest to find a cure for migraine headaches.

    In 1996, Dr. Allocca created the world's first and only biochemical model of migraine headaches, revealing the exact mechanisms of migraine, headaches. From this model a solution to migraine headaches was found.

    Dr. Allocca's research then progressed to facilitate healing of other disorders and programmed these biochemical models into a state-of-the-art software program called "Biometabolic AnalysisTM."

    Biometabolic AnalysisTM produces an individualized step-by-step plan geared towards each person's needs to facilitate the appropriate changes for problems discovered.

    Biometabolic AnalysisTM is available in-office or by mail. Vascular Ultrasound is performed in-office only.

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    Healthcare Professionals Now Have Access to Biometabolic AnalysisTM
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  • Just Perform the Tests. Then, Fax the Form to Us
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    Heart Disease an be Prevented

    Heart disease is the number one killer for males and females. It kills more people than all forms of cancers, war, or accidents. Cardiovascular diseases and ischemic heart disease cause more than 40 percent of all deaths, according to the World Health Organization. Peripheral Arterial Disease is caused by fatty buildup in the inner walls of arteries. These deposits are dangerous because they restrict blood flow to the heart, brain, kidneys, stomach, arms, legs, and feet.

    The point at which symptoms occur is often the point at which drastic treatment, even surgery, may be required. Don't let your health get to this point. Early detection with ultrasound, followed up with preventative treatment, can help decrease incidents of heart attack and/or stroke and lower the incidence of having to perform amputations.

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    Energy, Endurance, and Performance

    One of the most important biochemical models in Biometabolic AnalysisTM is the transport of nutrients from the blood stream into the cells, which may not happen automatically. For example, lactic acid can build up inside the cells damaging the cell membranes and DNA. This is why the body ages, organs degrade, and diseases begin. Athletes and active people often produce too much lactic acid. Special care must be taken to increase performance and prevent disease in athletes and active people. Biometabolic AnalysisTM can determine if this is occurring, and facilitate the appropriate changes.

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    NeuroPath Brain Synchronization and Stress Reduction

    The NeuroPath Brain Synchronization and Stress Reduction system was developed because research demonstrated that the application of specific frequency patterns could be used to improve communication between the left and right sides of the brain by stimulating the growth of additional neural pathways between the two hemispheres and the limbic system. The low intensity frequency patterns are fed into the left and right sides of the brain through a pair of stereo headphones.

    With regular use, NeuroPath can lead to the production of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the limbic system.

    NeuroPath is available in 7 varieties: Basic, Advanced, Performance, Stop Smoking, Stop Alcohol, Stop Drugs, and Lose Weight. NeuroPath is available on CD or MP3 download.

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