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Andromeda Assessment and Wellness Plan

Advanced Scientific Technology in Clinical Nutrition

  • Improved Energy, Endurance, and Performance
  • Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack
  • Prevent Migraine
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Stress
  • Lose Weight
  • It all Started with a Solution to Migraine Headaches...

    After suffering from migraine headaches for 40 years and not finding relief from any medication, Dr. Allocca, a medical scientist, started on a quest to find a cure. In 1996, Dr. Allocca created the world's first and only biochemical model of migraine headaches, revealing the exact mechanisms of migraines, and creating a protocol which has been successful for many.

    Dr. Allocca's research then progressed to facilitate healing of other disorders and programmed these biochemical models into a state-of-the-art software program called Andromeda Assessment and Wellness Plan, which uses Biometabolic AnalysisTM.

    Andromeda Assessment and Wellness Plan produces an individualized step-by-step plan geared towards each person's specific health needs.

    Energy, Endurance, and Performance

    One of the most important biochemical models in Andromeda Assessment and Wellness Plan is the transport of nutrients from the blood stream into the cells, which may not happen automatically. For example, lactic acid can build up inside the cells damaging the cell membranes and DNA. This is why the body ages, organs degrade, and diseases begin. Athletes and active people often produce too much lactic acid. Special care must be taken to increase performance and prevent disease in athletes and active people. Andromeda Assessment and Wellness Plan can determine if this is occurring, and facilitate the appropriate changes.

    Andromeda Assessment and Wellness Plan Report
    • Vital Statistics
    • Basal Metabolic Rate
    • Body Mass Index
    • Urinalysis Results
    • Symptoms Probability Profile
    • Conditions which may Interfere with Good Health
    • Test Results with Explanations
    • Biological Age Factors
    • Additional Recommendations
    • Food, Supplement, Exercise, and Other Recommendations

    Tests Analyzed by Mail
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Height and Weight
    • Blood Pressure
    • Core Temperature (you will need to purchase an ear thermometer: An ear thermometer costs $19.99 at drugstore.com)
    • Urinalysis
    • Symptoms Questionnaire
    The following are optional:

    Pulse Oximetry (optional for pulmonary function) (you will need to purchase a pulse oximeter: A pulse oximeter costs $39.99 at drugstore.com)

    Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (optional for weight and body fat) (you will need to purchase a scale: An Omron Omron Full Body Sensor Monitor & Scale, Model HBF 514 costs $69.99 at drugstore.com)

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