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Dark Field Microscopy Training

Biometabolic AnalysisTM can be used with our without Dark Field Microscopy data. Call us at 631.757.3919 for more information.

Dark Field Microscopy, aka "Live Blood Analysis," has been placed on the "Quack Watch" because of some uneducated unscrupulous individuals who teach and perform Dark Field Microscopy incorrectly to say the least. For example, they identify cotton fibers as "worms in the blood" and more. One cannot diagnose cancer using dark field microscopy. The course we teach is based on traditional hematology as taught in medical and graduate schools.

To perform microscopy and blood analysis you must have a medical license. Chiropractors in New York are not permitted to use darkfield microscopy unless they are under the direct supervison of a physician. Call your state "Office of Professional Licensing" to find out the laws in your state. We do not ask for your credentials.

Bright Field Microscopy looks at light that is reflected from a sample. Dark Field Microscopy looks at light that is reflected from the edges of a sample. The advantage of Dark Field Microscopy is that a sample dose not require staining. The disadvantage of Dark Field Microscopy is that it doesn't show surface features. Dark Field Microscopy is a method of evaluating blood while it is biologically active. Blood is obtained by the finger-stick method under sterile conditions and observed using Dark Field microscopy. There are many cells and substances that can be seen in biologically active blood, including lipids, indicators of toxicity, oxidation, etc. The dark field microscope was invented by J.J. Lister in 1830 by which he replaced the standard bright field condenser with a reflecting dark field condenser. In 1906 in Vienna, Karl Landsteiner and Viktor Mucha were the first to use dark field microscopy to visualize T pallidum from syphilis lesions. T pallidum is a delicate, tightly spiraled, corkscrew-shaped organism that rotates as it slowly moves backwards and forwards.

Dark Field Microscopy can reveal: protein level, cellular oxidation, immune function, iron level, B12/Folic acid level, liver/gallbladder function, fat clearance, kidney function, allergic response or parasites, candida albicans intestinal overgrowth, infection, spirochetes, and roundworms.

The following substances are evaluated:
Erthyrocyte Aggregation
Chylous material (Chylomicrons)
Red Crystals
Yellow crystals
Echinocytes (Burr cells)
Macrocytic Neutrophils
Hypersegmented (Hyperlobulated) Neutrophils
Neutrophil viability
Platelet (Thrombocyte) Aggregation
Hemolytic Red Blood cells
Target Cells
Candida Albicans

The microscopy training course with video is an online training course. After purchasing the textbook, enroll in the training course. You may ask questions via email. You will also receive the final exam via email. You will receive a certificate of completion upon passing the final examination.

Onsite training is also available by special arrangements.

In most States only a licensed medical doctor or an employee of a licensed medical doctor can perform any kind of laboratory test.

After your payment is received, you will be sent a link to the training course along with a user name and password that will be valid for 30 days.

This course will take approximately 10 hours to complete.

You will get a Free Dark Field Guidebook in pdf format via email after you register.

Order the textbook from the books section. Note: the textbook covers Darkfield Microscopy and Nutrition and Physiology. The course only covers Darkfield Microscopy.

The Dark Field DVD can be ordered from: createspace.com

Registration for Online Dark Field Microscopy Training Course, $195.00